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"A user friendly application, works at fast speed to merge small sized PDF files"

PDF Merge

A PDF is a portable document that we can create of any size. In case, you have a collection of a huge number of small PDFs what will you do? The ideal way is to merge the same category PDFs to easily manage data. This is efficiently done by Merge PDF program. It is a great tool to have.

  • A PDF merge program merge multiple PDFs at a time
  • Easy to use software
  • Allow to merge your choice PDF files
  • Save the merged data to user’s specified location in the system
  • Merge only healthy PDFs
  • A standalone application, needs no third application
  • Work with all Windows including XP, Vista and 10

Key Features to Merge PDF File

Get ready for free trial of PDF Merge Program. We offer it at free of cost.  Installation process takes less than a minute.

Merge Multiple PDF File

Merge Multiple PDFs

The application has been designed to merge multiple portable documents. It merges PDF files smartly and smoothly to create one strong document.

Merge Multiple PDF File

Select PDF Files

It gives the opportunity to select PDF files one after another so that you can able to select selective numbers of PDFs. For fast work, users can select a folder holding multiple PDFs. The tool selects whole PDFs of the folder.

Merge Multiple PDF File

Enter Password before Merge

In case any of your selected PDF file is locked, the tool asks password of the particular file before merging it. Without unlocking you cannot merge the PDF file with other PDFs.

Merge Multiple PDF File

Save Merge at the Desired Location

The smart tool lets you manage your data smartly by letting you to decide the suitable location in the system to save the merged data.

Merge PDF Screenshots

Step 1

Step 1

Step 1